Narps UK Animal Law and Business Conduct Short Courses

NarpsUK Short Courses
These short courses are designed for those wishing to start or who already run their own pet sitting or dog walking business and want to gain knowledge in a specific subject area or for those who wish to purchase the full course on a module by module basis.

These short courses will give you expertise in your chosen field which allows you to have a competitive advantage when marketing your services as well as gaining credibility and respect within the industry and offering reassurance to potential customers.

On completion of any of the short courses you will receive certification from NarpsUK confirming that you have successfully completed the relevant short course.
PLEASE NOTE – Lantra accredited certificates are only provided when the full NarpsUK Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Business Course has been completed or by completing all 10 of the short courses.

When caring for animals it is useful to have an understanding of its characteristics, both physical and behavioural. It will also help you with your customers if you recognise which breed or type their pet is.

Caning and feline first aid
This course examines the basics of first aid. It will look at the different ways that dogs may be injured and the appropriate first aid response in each case, as well as further steps to take even if the dog gets well quickly. It’s important to know what to do in these emergency situations because it can often make a real difference to the welfare of the animal.

Pet services offered and what's involved
There are around seven or eight standard services offered by pet sitters. Some may only offer one of these services while others offer all. In this short course we will be covering all aspects of what’s involved in the three main services that are the primary source of income for the majority of pet sitters. Dog Walking – House Sitting – Home Boarding

Running your pet sitting business
This short course concentrates on the clerical work involved in a pet sitting business rather than the services that are provided. Storing clients details- Taking Bookings – Structuring your business – Setting Prices – Confidentiality – Scheduling – Managing Accounts

Forms and contracts for pet sitting and dog walking
This short course is effectively a list, outlining the forms of use for your business alongside a brief explanation of when they should be used. Whilst it may seem a long list, you can often integrate them so that one form will perform two jobs. In addition, some of the forms may only be relevant for certain clients or you may not need them at all for your particular business

Animal Healthcare
This short course covers the basic health care of dogs, cats and rabbits. It will look at routine health checks, common conditions, preventive treatments and zoonotic risks to people. As you will now be aware one of the five welfare needs is the need for an animal to be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease and it’s important that to know how this can be achieved through routine care and attention.

Animal Law & Regulations
This short course looks at insurance for the pet sitter and dog walker, and the areas of animal law and legislation that you will need to know.

Governing your business and your personal life with honourable standards
There are certain standards your client will expect from you, and you should have certain expectations of them too. This short course will look at how you can run your pet sitting business ethically and correctly, by clearly setting out policies, being transparent with your customers and managing your business relationships in a professional but firm manner.

Nutrition, a healthy diet and grooming
This short course examines feeding and nutrition for dogs. The food that a pet needs depends on their species, age and lifestyle. In every case, a nutritionally balanced diet throughout life is key to promoting good health. This course also looks at grooming.

Branding, Marketing and Advertising
This short course looks at the basic building blocks of starting your own pet sitting service in order to succeed in the pet services industry. We will be looking at branding your business in order to send the right message to potential clients and how marketing and advertising can be effective and affordable.



The course is delivered online (No special software is required, just an internet connection). The assessments are based on multiple choice answers and a pass rate of 75% is required to pass.


The only pre-requisites required for this course are as follows:
  • You should have experience in caring for pets - either your own or other peoples'
  • Access to a PC/ Laptop/ Tablet with internet connection
  • A love for animals


The NarpsUK short courses will take on average between 1 - 2 hours to complete with a final assessment at the end. The Final Assessment will take around 15-20 minutes to complete. You will have 12 months to complete the course once you have signed up. COURSE FEES The short courses are priced individually starting from £35.00 for non NarpsUK members / £25.00 for NarpsUK Members This fee includes access to-
  • The online e-learning portal
  • The Final Assessment
  • Certification from NarpsUK once you have completed the course.
  • Online help and support
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